Towards a Digital Renaissance

In my new book, Towards a Digital Renaissance, I’ve tried to trace the evolution of values and business from nascent cyberspace and the music industry of the noughties through to today’s emerging metaverses – and suggest that now is the time to create a more empathetic approach to building businesses in the emerging new markets for metaverses and digital twins.

Through the stories of four different businesses, Towards a Digital Renaissance examines the interplay between founders and investors in the digital sector. It looks at the role of public funding to support private investment and how the style of the Silicon Valley way now needs to be reassessed and replaced by something with a better balance between the drive to scale and the humanity of stakeholders. The book points to the emerging future markets of the metaverse and digital twins as a new opportunity to change the way in which business models work to make more responsible use of powerful new technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Published by Profile Books, Towards a Digital Renaissance’s first chapter can be read here. The book will be launched on 30 November at Digital Catapult’s offices in the Kings Cross Knowledge Quarter at an event hosted by writer Sumit Paul-Choudhury, former Editor-in-Chief at New Scientist Magazine. Register for the launch event here.

“We are standing on the shoulders of giants, such as Professor Jeremy Bailenson of Stanford University who is taking a potentially dystopian technology and examining how it can be a force for good in society, for the economy and for the environment. Towards a Digital Renaissance examines the ethics of digital growth and casts a vision of a more empathetic future through the metaverse”. The book argues that bigger is not always better, and Towards a Digital Renaissance lays out hope for a future where new UK companies might play a leading role in tech for good.Jeremy SilverCEO, Digital Catapult


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