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Selected quotes from some of the best speakers at TEDGlobal 2012

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Tim Lebrecht

“We need to find ethical ways of prescribing placebos.” Jill Blakeway

“Louis Vuitton is the opiate for the Chinese upper classes today.” Robyn Meredith

“None of the threats to the global commons will be solved by building walls.” Admiral James Stavridis

“We’re not on a journey to a goal, the goal is with us changing with us.” John Cage quoted by Anthony Gormley

“The elemental world we all live in is the darkness of the body.” Anthony Gormley

“Educational grading has become degrading.” Simon Schocken

“We never see what is there, we only see what it was useful to see in the past.” Beau Lotto

“The 21st Century is not familiar to us, so we spend our time responding to a world that no longer exists.” Eddie Obeng

“Being open to the concept that globalisation is only 10-20% complete leaves room for some expectation that there might be more gains to be achieved from further integration.” Pankay Ghemawat

“People say that changing education systems is like moving graveyards, you can’t rely on the people out there to help you.” Andreas Schleider

“Our internationalism is the driver of our nationalism.” Alex Salmond

“European data retention is a blueprint for how to control a society.” Malte Spitz

“The Church of TED is very optimistic. Bulgarians are some of the most pessimistic in the world. There are the Happy, the Unhappy and the Bulgarians.” Ivan Krastev

“Transparency is not about restoring trust to institutions, it’s about managing mistrust.” Ivan Krastev

“Anonymous activities are Ultra Coordinated Motherfuckary. The internet will judge the operations of governments, states, and institutions.” Gabriella Coleman

“Just because a worker spends time making a piece of something does not mean that she becomes that thing.” Lesley Chang

“The things we buy or have around the home or office are not what they seem to be. They are not about what we think they are in the world.” Lesley Chang

“Knowledge comes from our senses, extend our senses and we extend our knowledge. Let’s stop building apps for mobile phones and start building apps for our bodies.” Neil Harbisson

“Everyone becomes psychotic in his or her own way.” Elyn Saks

“Why is that when people become ill and have something wrong with any of their organs, they get sympathy from other people – except when that organ is their brain?” Ruby Wax

“My goal is to create an image that would remind you of something that you haven’t seen before.” Robert Legato

“Treating people with drugs today is like fitting people with shoes without asking them their foot size.” Susan Solomon

“We’re no longer consuming to keep up with the Jones’s, we’re consuming to get to know the Jones’s.” Rachel Botsman

“Our bodies change our minds, our minds change our behaviour and our behaviour changes outcomes. I faked it until I became it.” Amy Cuddy

“If you can manage to experience three positive emotions for every one negative one, it will dramatically improve your effectiveness.” Jane McGonigal

“In the nineteenth century “computers” were people who made the calculations that were published in look up tables and were full of errors.” Laura Snyder

“Think of the computer as a spiritual space for thinking.” John Maeda

“I’m interested in designing not the object but the process that leads to the object.” Michael Hansmeyer

“Saving is present pain for future pleasure. Smoking is present pleasure for future pain.” Keith Chen

“Naked and pure is the spirit that transcends the existence mediocre.” Graffiti quoted by John Wilbanks

“I watch the US embassy data on Beijing air quality to decide whether I should open the window or not.” Michael Anti

Quotes from TED 2009

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished – that is the beginning.”

Juan Enriquez quoting Louis L’Amour

“Is it our machines or is it us that are wired for war?”

P W Singer on military robots

“Oh how’s your economy falling apart? Oh Ok, that a little different from how mine is!”

Bill Gates reporting on conversations this year at Davos

“English was the language of colonists but it has become the language of entrepreneurship.”

Nandan Nilekani on India growth

“Leaders are heretics not sleepwalkers.”

Seth Godin on creating tribes

“Follow the speed of the animals to understand how they live.”

Jacques Perrin on the making of his movie Oceans

“All of us has the exact same percentage of salt in our blood as does the water in the ocean. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.”

Jacques Perrin quoting JFK

“It’s too late to be pessimistic – we are all part of the solution.”

Yann Arthus-Bertrand – photographer and film-maker

“Seeing with the brain is often called imagination.”

Oliver Sacks

“We have built the Allo Sphere – a three story high sphere in a building – visualisation as virtual reality.”

Joann KucheraMorin – University of Santa Barbara

“All seagulls look as if they’re called Emma.”

Christian Morgenstern quoted by Golan Levin

“To those who have to go without two meals a day, God can only appear as bread.”

Mahatma Ghandi quoted by Louise Fresco

“American poet, Ruth Stone, perceived her poems as storms rolling across the landscape towards her and if she caught one she could write it down. But if she missed it, it would barrel on through the landscape until it found another poet who could capture it.”

Elizabeth Gilbert – novelist

“It is now possible to conceive a child who is to be borne two hundred years from now.”

Juan Enriquez

“Between stability and instability, in every public space, there is a desire to communicate something that is memorable.”

Daniel Libeskind

“It is important to remember that we are not at the pinnacle of our own evolution.”

Jill Tarter

“This is a nightmare, which will pass away with the morning. For the resources of nature and men’s devices are just as fertile and productive as they were. The rate of our progress towards solving the material problems of life is not less rapid. We are as capable as before of affording for everyone a high standard of life…and will soon learn to afford a standard higher still. We were not previously deceived. But to-day we have involved ourselves in a colossal muddle, having blundered in the control of a delicate machine, the working of which we do not understand. The result is that our possibilities of wealth may run to waste for a time—perhaps for a long time.”

John Maynard Keynes from his essay The Big Slump, 1930 quoted at TED by Chris Anderson.

“Larger markets increase the incentive to produce new ideas.”

Nate Silver – economist

“When people say that’s impossible, they’re confused because by impossible they simply mean they don’t know to do that yet.”

Bruce Buenode Mesquita

“Wisdom is moral jazz.”

Barry Schwartz

“We must not just ask is it profitable, we must also ask is it right?”

Barak Obama quoted by Barry Schwartz

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.

Thomas Jefferson quoted by Liz Coleman