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Rights Registry

Last week, in the middle of the TED conference, I had the opportunity to talk to the Westminster eForum about file-sharing, remedies and how to move beyond the UK’s Digital Economy Act. As I’ve worked on this problem and explored what others have proposed as remedies, I am more and more convinced that Rights Registries are part of the solution we need to move to. In a digital networked world where our content moves around in mysterious ways, we need a digital networked solution to mirror and reflect that activity in order to create a new means of managing digital rights in a fluid marketplace.

But this cannot be a wholly owned solution, along the lines proposed by Google.  Instead we need authoritative metadata databases that are open to search and open to updates, that are regulated by governments, moderated by authorised boards and not-for-profit. This kind of structure starts to offer significant benefits over our current proprietary closed systems which are hemorrhaging rights owners revenues.  I have written a white paper based on my talk last week on the subject,  which you can download from here: The Rights Registry 1.5

I’m very interested to hear other people’s thoughts about how we move forward the development of real practical solutions for digital media on the internet,  based on going with the flow of consumer behaviour and encouraging all kinds of  usage not punishing consumers for what the technology allows them to do.

Quotes from CISAC Copyright Summit 2009, Washington DC

“The degradation of the quality image is the only thing I fear from the digital age.” (Frank Stella, artist)

Frank Stella

“How do you value consciousness?” (Frank Stella)

“Artists are lazy but they are capable of being mobilized. But they won’t organise around financial things but more about moral protests and causes.” (Frank Stella)

Paul williams

“In 1967, I turned up at A&M Music in a stolen car. I looked like a kid until you put me next to a real kid. Then I looked like a kid with a hangover.” (Paul Williams, songwriter)


“The Internet is like a supermarket shopping bag with all the things in it for free too.” (Milos Forman, film director)

product of the month: flush n fish

Key business model reminder: even when your business is in the toilet – don’t flush the fish down with the flush!

Music Product of the Week – the air guitar T-Shirt

Scientists in Australia have announced the air-guitar t-shirt, also available the air-tambourine t-shirt. All that’s needed now are the bass trousers and the drum shoes – and we’ll be away – one-person bands rockin’ all over the world…

FasTrak Caption Competition

Gavin NewsomSan Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom welcomes the new FasTrak™ at the press conference. (Photo: Noah Berger)

“Well, hello FasTrak – long time, no see!”

“She’s a lovely little runner, only done 65,000 miles”

“Do I hear £1.25?… ”

More entries please!

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