More on a Swift-free Spotify

Stuart Dredge of Musically, is suggesting today along with a number of other music pundits that the real bone of contention is Spotify’s free tier of ad-funded music. He argues that this is the cause of Taylor Swift’s Spotify spat.

He argues that for this reason her albums have not been removed from other streaming services like Rdo, Rhapsody and Beats and WiMP.

The other issue though is that of  “windowing”. A practice pioneered in the film and TV industries. Certainly that appeals to the old command and control mentality.  But it’s also becoming less popular when piracy steps so regularly and unremittingly into the vaccuum left by windowed product.

The worldwide music industry has in the last few weeks been discussing the global introduction of day and date releases of albums globally to avoid that problem.

We are undoubtedly in a multi-speed economy. The smart money decision today for Swift was to go where the margin is best. The strategic value for the industry as a whole seems to be to release on one day on all platforms, globally.


One response to “More on a Swift-free Spotify

  1. These decisions may be right, or wrong. There are now enough data available to create a model to assess the financial impact of a new release (or even back catalogue exploitation).
    It can be done at the micro (artist) and macro (industry) levels, it can allow comparisons between same day launch vs. windowing, all platforms vs. selected platforms, short term vs. Life Time Value.
    Whether all data can be easily obtained from the different parties is a different point, but it would be in the best interest of all parties.

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