TEDGlobal 2011 – the best of the quotes

 “If Americans want to live the American dream, they should go to Denmark.” Richard Wilkinson

“Libertarianism and collectivism are the same thing.” Phillip Blond

“In all the barrage of noise that I’m putting out, you actually know very little about me.” Hasan Elahi

“Unbounded growth requires accelerating cycles of innovation to avoid collapse, but the innovation has to happen faster and faster.”  Geoffrey West

“Wall Street is writing algorithms that make effects that are so rapid we can no longer read them.” Kevin Slavin

“The West’s six killer apps: Competition, Scientific Revolution, Property Rights, Modern Medicine, Consumer Society, the work ethic. Are we deleting our own Apps? Can China succeed without private property rights?” Niall Fergusson

“China’s principle advantage over India is its human capital and its higher levels of education and literacy.” Yasheng Huang

“It’s so hard to admit our own fallibility… we need to be shocked out of it. We need to have our ideas challenged, very painful but essential. Every year 10% of American businesses disappear. It’s very difficult to make good mistakes.” Tim Harford

“I’m an arts graduate, I love myth and legend, existentialism  and self-loathing.” Robin Ince

“The closer the population is packed together, the more languages are found there. But we don’t have sex with people we can’t talk with.” Mark Pagel

“There are two types of company in the world, those that know that they’ve been hacked and those that don’t.” Misha Glenny

“Lying is a cooperative act, its power only emerges when someone agrees to believe.” Pam Meyer

“Torture is the cheapest form of investigative tool.” Karen Tse

“Once they have found a rock to cling to, sea squirts are known to digest their own brains and intestines as they’re not needed anymore (somewhat like academics do once they receive tenure).” Daniel Walpert

“Lips are a genital echo, mimicking the female genitals in shape, colour and texture.” Desmond Morris

“We each have a self, but I don’t think we’re born with one.” Thandie Newton

“Economic empowerment is what allows women to remove the veil.” Nadia Al-Sakkaf

“Religions are so valuable that they’re not fit to be left to the religious alone.” Alain De Bothon

“How inappropriate it is to call it planet Earth. We should call it Planet Ocean.” Arthur C Clarke

“Children are the R&D division of the human species, adults are the sales and marketing.” Alison Gopnik

“The mind is its own place. It can make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven.” John Donne

“The average American physician interrupts their patient within the first 14 seconds of encountering them.” Abraham Verghese

“The Swiss can be divided into two groups, those who make small exquisite objects and those that handle the money made by those that make small exquisite objects.” Malcolm Gladwell

“In the British Embassy in Kabul, there are only three people who could speak the main native Afghan language and none who could speak the minority language.” Rory Stewart

“Do you know how good you feel when you’re creating or building something?” Jeremy Moon

“the future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed.” William Gibson, 1994

“Listening is the main way we experience the flow of the time from past to future.” Julian Treasure


2 responses to “TEDGlobal 2011 – the best of the quotes

  1. Fantastic article JeremyS1! Continue fantastic work and continue to keep composing content just like it.

  2. I don’t know who Tim Harford is but he didn’t say “It is very difficult blah blah blah… That was one of Taniyama’s colleagues quoting him after his death.

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