Thoughts on social media for 2011

Sue Keogh of The Wall asked me for some thoughts on social media’s development next year.

Here’s what occurred:

2011 will be the year that commercial marketers get social and get local.

We will see smarter and closer integration of Twitter and Facebook in digital marketing campaigns combined with highly targetted local ads and promotions driven by new giants like Groupon.

The value in consumer attention will continue to rise and will be measured in the uptake of these kinds of tightly directed campaigns and promotions. Statistical analysis tools like MusicMetric will become increasingly essential to brand owners.

Social media marketeers like teenagers, will continue to test the limits of consumer tolerance. The questions will be all about trying to find where are the boundaries  of consumer acceptance.

At the same time, the defectors from Facebook and the global entertainment stars who flounce out of Twitter will increase in frequency as a significant portion of the community starts to demand its privacy back.

Check out Sue’s whole article here

Happy Holidays!


One response to “Thoughts on social media for 2011

  1. Hi Jeremy,

    pretty spot on – and I hope you are right in that the community gets aware of their loss in privacy.

    But I think there’s yet another trend to expect – artists and (in particular) the DIY business taking the mobile road. Cross-platform app offering services like Songpier (launch by January) will enable any artist to get their content on the smartphone and pads/slates of their fanbase.

    Hence, CwF gets a new dimension by contacting the fan instead of waiting for the fan to visit the artist’s website.

    See also Nielsen’s survey for MIDEM or my article on Music Think Tank.

    Wolfgang Senges
    PR // Marketing // Consulting

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