Technology Strategy Board Webcast

Check out this latest Technology Strategy creative industries video – I had the honour to chair with illustrious and sexy team of Rory Sutherland (Ogilvy), Julie Meyer (Ariadne Capital), Peter Buckingham (UK Film Council) and Fred Bolza (Sony Music UK).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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3 responses to “Technology Strategy Board Webcast

  1. A fascinating discussion, Jeremy. I especially liked Fred’s definition of metadata as ‘the key that opens the return path’. This could be pursued further as I think later definitions of this elusive term got no further than talking about descriptive labels, either professionally applied or added by users. My favourite metadata definition is by Lorcan Dempsey (OCLC) – ‘structured data that provides intelligence in support of more efficient operations on resources’. So for somewhere like the BL, having the key to the return path supports provenance and authenticity. Other kinds of metadata (administrative) describe how a resource is licensed in/out and how to navigate a complex resource (structural metadata) so that a user understands which images go with which sound and what is the preferred order of movements in a symphony, for example.

    • Yes, of course there is reducto ad absurdum of meta data – since if you were to try to establish a hierarchy of meta data – all of human life would be there! And it would trace a return path of relationships commencing with the originator, author or creator and culminating in the most quixotic personal element of association tagged at the individual folksonomic level (my schoolboy association of E M Forster with Swann Vesta matches) for example…

      • Possibly, and Borges and the Goons, with their life-sized photographs of parts of the globe and characters who are unable to forget anything, would agree. I was merely pointing out that a sufficiency of metadata, for research purposes, needs to extend a little further, referentially, than the panel’s ‘X wrote Y, is played by Z and loved by A, B and C’

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