Becoming fruitish

My mobile phone is a blackberry, my laptop is an apple, my network provider is orange. I like fruit. Does this really say so much about these brands that it’s worth talking about? I think so. They have a shared sense of placing customer needs ahead of corporate messages. Their priorities seem to be about enabling creativity rather than providing a functional service. There is a sense that intuitive interfaces are still meaningful and of value – not just something to place amidst a lot of white space. It would be dull to extend the significance of these organic metaphors as brands too far, and yet in each case these suppliers have got something right about placing the human ahead of the interface not the machine. That still counts for a lot even if we do occasionally still have to pick the pits out from between our teeth.


2 responses to “Becoming fruitish

  1. i always thought orange was named for the color, not the fruit.

  2. of course. warm and comforting. Thanks for confirming that we achieve some of what we set out to do.

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