Reminder: VampireGizmo Day – April 26th

Just in case any of you are actually following this; here is a brief reminder. April 26th is the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl disaster and elsewhere on this blog I have dedicated this day to the banning at least for a day your  Vampire Gizmos. Yes, to repeat is not to be boring in this case. If we all stopped using our Vampire Gizmos, the little tech toys we all love to hoard, the world could require something like 20% less of its current energy generation requirement. How many devices in your house are on transformers that are on all the time – even when the device is not receiving any power. 20 times as much energy is consumed by your TV set when it is on standby waiting for you to come home than it is when it's switched on and you're watching it. What about your mobile phone charger – same thing, and what about your video camera, iPod, bluetooth earpiece, cordless headphones, electric drill and screwdriver combined, carving knife (does anyone still have one of those), hifi, and … yes of course, your computer! Yikes! Surely there is no one reading this who doesn't have one of those!

 OK – so that's it – April 26th – switch off the Vampire Gizmos – honour the victims of Chernobyl – and give your energy bill a break!


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