Quick contest

I did try this a while ago, but got no responses, so now that I know that even some of the best bloggers in the world prefer no comments, I will shoot this little question out at you and see what happens.

So who do you prefer the fast talking girl with the big shoulders, Karina Stenquist (is that really her name?) on MobuzzTV or the equally cookie – but slightly more commercial, dyed-blonde Amanda Congdon (is that really her name?) on RocketBoom?

What is it with geeks – that we want sassy goils to say witty things to us in a slightly arch way, delivered in rapid fire delivery while trying not to sound too much like John Stewart…hmmmm? The Vlog revolution – ah yes – make it female!

PS. This is not meant to be in the least bit sexist really – but give us a break – there’s a mould being formed here – and there must be a reason for it. Please leave your votes in your comments here !


12 responses to “Quick contest

  1. Karina, by far. No doubt. And of course, Mobuzz

  2. I totally agree with Greg!!1

  3. hmm. difficult one.. but still I vote for Karina

  4. In terms of appearance, they’re about the same. The real knockout is Elle Carreras of Mobuzz (see http://www.flickr.com/people/25067048@N00 for proof).

    But I’d much rather have dinner with Amanda. She seems smarter.

    I wouldn’t mind dinner with Jon Stewart either.

  5. Are you serious??!!! They’re about the same? Amanda seems smarter? Sorry but for me the difference in enormous and I totally bet on Karina (she talks smart not just makes “funny” faces as the other one).

  6. Karina talks smart? She’s a parrot, reading someone else’s script. Amanda’s words are her own.

    OK, I admit Karina is cookie/smexy/whatever. But her delivery is a little breathless, like she’s running a word race. It’s not very personal.

    As for Mobuzz, why does it feel like a boring TV show? Is it those awful transitions with that terrible logo, or is it those intrusive sound effects? Or is something just lost in the translation from Spanish?

  7. And why is Rocketboom so interesting, even when it’s boring?

  8. I’d say Amanda and agree that her words sound more like she is thinking on her feet rather than reciting a list as quickly as possible. Note that before Rocketboom had a teleprompter (or do they still not have a teleprompter?) Amanda still sounded thoughtful and professional. I admit that I am biased since I haven’t watched enough of mobuzz.

  9. Amanda wins hands down. Hotter, smarter, sassier, goofier.
    Totally agree with Nab. I just told a friend this week to check out Rocketboom and I said “even when it is dull it is still worth it because Amanda is so damn charming”

  10. Come on, Katrina everyday. She’s funny, smart and pretty. She’s got impeccable timing in her delivery. Amanda just doesn’t cut it. She’s not funny is a tad annoying and has all the characteristics of somebody who is just a little too much in love with her own image. FWIW, neither of them is even remotely thinking on their feet in their shows.. They’re both scripted, but Amanda just hasn’t got the skills to make her show look like anything than a garage video best shared with adoring family members and possibly very loyal friends. Go Mobuzz.

  11. I think Katrina is more like someone I would date, whereas Amanda is someone I would hate to have sitting behind me at the movie theatre on a date.

  12. It is a great shame to announce that Mobuzz has gone under. I posted this fun competition at the height of their existence two years ago, but they seem to be the latest of the victims of this current downturn. Much respect Mobuzz – come back in another and better form soon.


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