Tying your scarf the right way

A remarkable fashion trend has tipped over the tipping point on the streets of London since the new year. This is the way people are tying their scarves. It is most unusual to notice such a small thing, so prominently, suddenly and notably displayed by such a consistent and broad cross section of society.

It is now de rigeur on the streets of London to tie your scarf by looping it around your neck doubled and then inserting the open end into the loop and pulling it through. No more ragamuffin once round your neck and a half bow, no simple double twist and careless fling over one shoulder; not even the double twist with both ends hanging down the front is acceptable. A new scarf tying orthodoxy is upon us and we’re all slaves to in a strangely unspoken way.
If Malcolm Gladwell were paying attention he would note this in an updated version of his tipping point book as another “hush puppies” like phenomenon.

Now I don’t know whether this has translated to New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Paris or not, but here in London – this is the new orthodoxy and, unspoken, undiscussed everyone is doing it. When I had to ask someone how it was done and how to get the look – it was as if my credibility had fallen through the floor – what a catastrophe – this guy is so uncool. Now that I’m tying my scarf this way of course, I have the sense of secret smugness – oh yeah, I’m hip. Look at that sad old soul who doesn’t get it – get a life – tie your scarf right or just die!

How sad a sheep am I!

So look at this – there is of course a guide to how to do it:


The style I am describing by the way is a “hacking knot” according to the above authority – which by the way appears as part of Karen Anne Taylor’s Transgenderism And Information Library – who seems blissfully unaware that all the other styles described are seriously – not in – but maybe he/she has other things on her mind – anyway…

I can’t find any other blogger who appears to have commented on this. Which makes me irrelevant or pioneering – who knows which?
The Hacking Knot – has reached tipping point – and that’s official – as for the rest – I think I’ll have to revert to some other style – possibly the Ascot or the Square Knot – in order to avoid fashion slavery.


5 responses to “Tying your scarf the right way

  1. i’ve been knotting my scarf that way for years. dunno where i picked it up. definitely the first time i’ve ever been ahead of the curve on a fashion trend.

  2. I don’ think it’s the first time at all! You’ve always been cutting edge – not much call for scarves in LA though are there?

  3. thank you for your work

  4. Thank you for solving the mystery of why there seems to be only one mode of scarf tying here in Australia! After spending the better part of nine years living in Vancouver – where scarf tying methods are a diverse as the people wearing them- I find this trend Down Unda a bit amusing. Thanks for the link showing various scarf tying – I hope that the trend-setters will re-discover the other scarf-tying options as this mode has become well and truly cliche` here.

  5. I’m glad to be of service. It seems that this question of how to tie one’s scarf is one of global interest right now. And as the harsh realities of a cooling economy envelope us all, having a stylishly tied scarf maybe just the thing to keep us feeling comfy in all the impending gloom and doom.

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