Creativity in Education – Ken Robinson at TED 2006

Sir Ken Robinson – official education Guru – addressed TED2006 with amazing simplicity and clarity. No powerpoint, no fancy video, just standing up in front of the audience being natural and relaxed – and compelling. His points – the extraordinary capacity of children for creativity – and we squander there creativity. Creativity has a much importance as literacy.

He told this fabulous little story:

A little girl who never paid much attention in class suddenly sat up in a drawing lesson and got very animated and excited. The teacher asked her what she was doing. The girl replied, I’m drawing a picture of God. “but that’s ridiculous,” said the teacher, “nobody knows what God looks like.” The little girl quickly replied, “They will do in a minute!”

Apparently this is a very widely reported story – but I thought it was good enough to repeat again.
He stressed the importance of experiment. If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.

The current education system worldwide was designed in the early 19th century and intended to deal with the demands of the industrial revolution.

We need to reinvent our education system for our own times. Need to see creative capacities for the hope that they are.

In a delivery that was a mixture of Ronnie Scott and Michael Caine – this man is compelling.


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