Also at TED 2006 – Burt Rutan and the lessons of the space race

Mr Rutan – a redoubtable fellow with the great mutton chop side burns has done his research into history. Between 1908 and 1912, he tells us, some 30,000 different types of aircraft design were attempted which produced amongst all the failures and successes, just three lasting aircraft concepts which we still fly with today. Phew – what a ratio!

And furthermore – commercial and military development has not progressed. The planes we’re flying in the military and commercially today – are no faster than those we had in the late 50s – with the loss of Concorde we actually went backwards!

His message – childhood needs imagination – 3-14 year olds need to be inspired – by us!

Fun really is defensible – kids need to be inspired by a far-out dream and goal! I’m all for that!


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