Apparently the great british record industry presented to the UK Parliamentary Internet Group this week and a result the most almighty row has broken out. Surprise surprise this is between the indie Aim organisation and the representative of the diminishing major labels – the BPI. You may know that I once worked at the BPI and once worked at a major label – no longer.

It would appear that the subject of DRM – Digital Rights Management – which I have  often  termed Doesn’t Really Matter has once again inflamed the delicate folk at the BPI. It turns out that some members of AIM don’t believe in the necessity for copy protection as distinct from the notion of getting paid. One is not, after all, linked necessarily to the others. Think e-music

So, apparently, late in the day today Friday – the parties had descended to a fabulous, effing and blinding slanging match in which various illustrious and not so illustrious folk were calling each other names. Martin Mills, Steve Redmond, John Kennedy – all at each others throats – “communications director – a fucking joke” – allegedly one comment and so on and on.

I get all this second hand of course, so none of it could be substantiated, but while Rome burns and all that – the opportunity for new development, new ideas, making the consumers the true A&R guys – all these things will come. The concept of labels will decline inevitably….


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