Nabaztag madness

I am sitting in a hotel room in California and I just sent a midi clip of Livin La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin across to the spooky white plastic wifi enabled rabbit in my office/spare bedroom at home. I did this just before bed time in California which is just about getting up and running out the door to go to school time in London. I can see it’s been played on the website too. I also sent a little voice synthesised message to my kids which I typed in and which was played back by a not half bad synthetic voice.

I’ve not had the phone call screaming back at me yet saying what are you doing distracting us when we’re trying to get out of the house this morning! It will, I’m sure only be a matter of time!

Hmm … spooky functionality. My wife regards this object with a mixture of contempt and suspicion. It is ugly and kitsch – very French in that awful twee naff way that they have, she says. But it’s also a bit spooky in a creepy slightly invasive, not particularly cool way too, she also says.

I kind of agree, but I love the concept of this dedicated wifi connected device. It can sing and dance, but fortunately it can’t walk yet!


A friend of mine has the ears on a shelf – but did not go so far as to order the accompanying rabbit. She says that the ears are communicating quite enough without the wifi connection.


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