The Nabaztag wrecked my network!

Having set up my friendly wifi rabbit at home last night. I come into the office with my laptop this morning and plug in the network cable. Nada. Zip. Nothing. To quote a phrase. No connectivity with the outside world…

It took my team of groovy tecchies at least half an hour to figure out what was happening. It appears that the beloved rabbit of the motorised ears has zapped not just my network connection but is also trying to turn every other machine on the network into a device with the same IP address – his very own!  Talk about breeding like rabbits…




2 responses to “The Nabaztag wrecked my network!

  1. These Nabaztags are curious. Nobody seems to know what they could do. Only a French company could invent such a thing. Aesthetically kitschy, emotionally spooky, and technologically ineffectual!

  2. They are actually quite interesting devices. Non computer based wifi devices that can receive and transmit audio and visual messaging. The rabbit shape may be a bit dumb but as a proof of concept, they’re really quite cool. The only problem is that the company promoting them seems to want to charge stupid subscription fees for the coolest parts of the technology (eg sending an mp3 to a rabbit). This seems like a wasted opportunity to get the word out, cos not many people are going to shell out to get their rabbit to sing.

    Teddy G

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