Archangels of cool of the Orient


Returned now from fabulous Tokyo where my great friends Rick Myers and John Possman are like the arch-angels of cool in the Orient. Their clever strategic view of the world – and their fluent Japanese make them fixers par excellence – and way more than that …

On returning home I found the package containing my Nabaztag. It is a wifi connected, speaking, singing, light flashing, ear wagging rabbit. You can email me messages to it by going on to the Nabaztag site and sending messages to Albino!

More on the utility or otherwise of this fantastic device as I live it with it.

Suffice to say – so far this morning it has told me the weather by flashing its lights at me – and sung me a passable rendition of California Love by Tupac.

Today the UK clocks went back by one hour – adding to my time zone confusion. But as I have mentioned somewhere earllier in this unfolding tome – a time chang e is like a new lease on life!


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