@ Grand Hyatt, Tokyo – no sign of Scarlet

So we arrived yesterday morning in Japan and straightaway handled the mobile phone incompatibility issue. Not so smoothly as we would have liked, as it happens. Last visit, I was able to slip out the SIM card from my mobile and put it into a Japanese phone and lo! and behold! my number was now available on the JP phone network. But this time – not so simple my friend – no signal picking up for any UK SIM card today – sorry! We don’t know why! So now I have a little Nokia with a different number and have to email the number to everyone to call me on it. But it does have a 1.3 megapixel camera – so now I’m blue toothing images between my JP phone and my beloved Treo 650. Wow – all that and I hadn’t even got to the Grand Hyatt yet. Never mind lost in translation – actually pretty much no translation at all!

Grand Hyatt Corridor

The Grand Hyatt is superb – beautiful pool – granite and wood – wow! I swam my 50 lengths under the watchful gaze of the silent attendant – who nods and bows at my every lap! Curiouser and curiouser. The sense of alienation is superbly done – like this road sign – now which way do we go again?

it mostly felt like this though


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