Never quite as ahead of the game, as I’d like to pretend, I just discovered RocketBoom which is highly entertaining and makes me feel like the whackiness of the world is in need of celebration. I’m not sure if I really want to watch Amanda presenting her particularly cooky brand of speeded up non-news everyday – but then the good news is – it only lasts a few minutes – and I can turn her on when I want to (so to speak).

Now what I really want is multi-channel vlogs where I can choose the ones I want when I want, according to criteria we all understand. The fabulous challenge will then surely become all about the filter – and whereas music can be searched by artist, genre, etc – in the whacky totally available, completely flexible world of the vlog – well anything goes and any tag could get you through the night.

Never mind about playlists – what about TAGlists? Because how do I know what tags to search for? I mean there may be some basic newsworthy ones like on Flickr – like earthquake or flooded village – or mudslide – but what if I don’t know what I want – and what if I really want to be educated, entertained, informed?

hmm – taglists from tagmasters – or maybe just the metabloggers – the filtering layers of folk I trust – now those are tastemakers – and that of course is where it all gets kind of strange and kind of familiar – all at the same time.

The daily thought process continues…. almost daily….


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