Digital Music companies – next generation…

Mercora, Pandora, GoFish ttp://, and many more – it does seem that our appetite for new digital music solutions is endless. Almost like it was five years ago, we seem to be back with a series of wild, sometimes ambiguous suggestions for solutions. Now of course every one of them is a mobile phone / web-based music solution. Streaming seems to be back in fashion given what G3 can do and what DSL has done to home usage. It still seems extraordinary to me that Steve Marks at the RIAA hasn’t jumped down Mercora’s neck with a vengeance, but apparently he’s frustrated but feels forced to admit that they’ve tap danced around the DMCA sufficiently to make them not illegal – not sure yet if that makes them legal as such. No doubt they are seriously pissing off the major labels by playing the global nature of the web against the local nature of copyright laws in different countries. In England we call that cocking a snook at the law – I’ve no idea what they call it here in the US. Anyway good luck to them. It’s still a bit flaky if you ask me to be forced to stream – but then to record those streams – hmm now that gets pretty interesting.

There’s lots of debate going on about whether the phone is going to replace the Ipod. Judging by the delicious lightness of the Nano – I think we’re some way of that yet. But I guess if you could combine a Nano and a Rasr – what would you get? A nano-rasr hmm…

The thing all this stuff still doesn’t have though – if it’s going to really live comfortably in my pocket is – bendability. None of this hard, inflexible metal and plastic stuff, I want a softer more supple material to have all this going on in – and I want a screen that projects into mid-air so that it can be much larger than itself…

Oh we have still got so much to do!

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