Data loss is a terrible thing. but missed appointments can ruin your career

Engineers have problems understanding the emotional impact of their actions.
How is it possible that the software folk at Sony Ericsson can design a fab phone like the P900 which has a built-in memory leak as large as a reservoir? Let me explain: every program that runs on this phone is switched on and never switched off – until the phone runs out of the memory needed to run it – at which point it drops out and loses whatever data was most recently added too. Yikes! Like the date of our next meeting together, dear reader! Disaster! Throw the phone out of the window! Well not quite… fortunately, there is a little program I found out about on P900 users forum (what sad places they are) that allows you to fix the problem – manually! kind of – I think, maybe! Example of anti-productivity number 7572 in an ongoing series…


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