“weird verification”

“One thing that ethnographers have observed is that people with cameraphones love to take a picture and immediately show it to the person they’re with. It’s a moment of weird verification. I take a picture of a place where we just were together and I show it to you straight away.”

(Nokia interface designer – Matt Jones) (full article)

Take a picture when you’re on your own and it can make you feel lonely. Take a picture with the kids and they want to see it straight away, just as you want to show it.

Native American Indians and Chasidic Jews don’t want their pictures taken. I think it’s because they believe you’re stealing a part of their soul.

But for us – this is all about needing “weird verification”. We just need to be somebody and our egos are so frail they need mediating. And this is not an unusual condition, it’s a generic one displayed by most people.

Mediation is not something exceptional or authoritative anymore, it’s something just sufficiently magnifying to ensure a degree of extra reality – not authentic or believable necessarily.

But a little bit of life amplified slightly above the noise or amplifiable at least – for the benefit of those you direct to it.


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